Wine Gifts

CE-GiftingA lasting impression is the mark of a true gift.  It takes thought and foresight to impress the gift recipient which is why the gift of wine should be your first choice.  Wine both red and white last for years if not decades.  A bottle etched or screen printed with your logo or messaging to mark the occasion will impress with presentation and ultimately the contents.  Better yet, California Etching sources world class wine from vineyards and wineries around Napa Valley and Sonoma County.  We can create anything from a “Cult Cabernet” to a prized sparkling wine that can be enjoyed years from the moment it’s received.

Each bottle created can be a large format (up to 18L) as well as the traditional 750ml size.  We will etch or screen print your logo, imagery or messaging on the bottles to leave that special lasting impression.

California Etching specializes in creating wine gifts for:

Corporate Gifts:  A sure fire way to ‘open doors’ or deliver a special thanks to clients.  California Etching will work with you to create a fantastic package that will leave a lasting impression on your colleagues or clients.

Special Events:  Commemorate a promotion at work, graduation or christening with a personalized bottle of wine from California Etching.

Birthdays:  What do you get Jim for his 50th Birthday?  An etched bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon created by California Etching.  We get you the type of wine you want – etch or screen print the bottle with your art and ship the wine to your door.

Anniversaries:  The hallmark of a relationship either for a loved one or that special employee.  Send them an etched bottle of sparkling wine for the big day to say thank you or express your love.

Weddings:  How sweet it would be to remember your wedding day years hence by opening an etched bottle of wine you received on that special day.  California Etching has helped countless couples remember that special day with commemorative bottles etched with their wedding date.

Baby’s Birth:  Create a way to remember the day your child was born with a large format bottle of Chardonnay with your son or daughter’s name, weight and time born inscribed on the bottle for all to see.