Custom Wine Glasses

Personalized Stemware for WineriesWhat is the value of your winery or event branding indelibly etched into a wine glass?  Answer: Immeasurable.  Wine glasses with your logo and branding maintain a special place in the visitor’s heart.  They are a conversation starter or a trophy from a visit to the wine country or a great show.

Wine glasses that can be used over and over again – unless thrown in the fireplace – are a showpiece.  Plain and simple.  California Etching specializes in creating personalized wine glasses for our clients both in the wine country and the corporate world.

Our facility in Napa screen prints wine glasses for the tasting rooms, wine clubs, corporations and events from the finest producers of crystal.  Riedel, Schott-Weisel and Stolzle–Lausitz are known industry wide for their quality and dedication to crafting the world’s finest stemware.  California Etching partners with these producers of wine glasses to provide our customers with the finest branded experience they can obtain.  Our customized stemware are not mere souvenirs – they are an extension of your customer’s tasting experience and phenomenal extension of your brand.

Our state of the art process allows us to incorporate your logo and messaging directly into the bell and footer of the wine glass to display your branding every time the glass is raised or cupboard opened.  All stemware is dishwasher safe ensuring the artwork, logo or messaging on the glass will never be compromised – leaving the recipient with a lasting memory of your winery or event.

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